Adult Family Therapy

The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice works with all kinds of relationship problems, not only problems between couples in marital relationships. The practice, based in Harley Street, Central London, works with mothers and daughters, fathers and sons as well as siblings, friends, or business colleagues.

Adult relationship therapy can help identify the cause of breakdowns within the relationship and provide a safe space for both parties to be heard and gain new ways of relating to one another.

In Relationship Therapy, the psychotherapist or counsellor helps you identify the conflict issues within your relationship. This is in order for you to be aware of and able to make appropriate changes in your behaviour as an individual and also make healthy decisions regarding your interaction as a couple.

Relationship Therapy is concerned with the couple learning how to communicate more effectively, and also how to listen better to each other. These two things are key to a healthy, progressive relationship. Sharing responsibilities within the relationship and towards each other, identifying common needs and goals and spotting triggers for particular behaviours are also all part of the therapy process.

The therapists at The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice are all highly experienced at working with people to help achieve better, and more fulfilling, relationships.