Alcohol Dependency Linked to Mental Health Disorders

Psychotherapy Support for Alcohol Dependency

Research performed in Australia and published in the British Journal of Psychiatry showed that people diagnosed with mental health issues such as depression, bipolar or anxiety disorders are more likely to become dependent upon alcohol.

Data taken from the 2007 Australian Mental Health and Well Being Survey that looked at 8841 participants illuminated some worrying trends. Those participants diagnosed with depression within the last five years were five times more likely to develop alcohol dependency than the general population. Those diagnosed with bipolar were seven times more likely to become dependent and those with anxiety disorders were three times more likely.

Lead researcher, Dr. Wenbin Liang said, “Our study shows that patients with a pre-existing diagnosis of affective and anxiety disorders are at higher risk of alcohol use problems. It shows that we should view mental health disorders as a risk factor for future alcohol misuse and alcohol dependence”.

The therapists at The Harley Street Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice have experience working with alcohol dependency issues as a part of other mental health problems. They work with you to help understand why alcohol has become an important but worrying part of life.

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