Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Central London Psychotherapy for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Alcohol Addiction / Drug Addiction and Psychotherapy Counselling & Therapy

The need to escape from life, from feelings, from problems and from ourselves can lead to habits or behaviours, such as drinking, drug taking, gambling or compulsive eating, which then dominate our daily life. Many complex causes, particularly unresolved trauma, can be at the root of the addictive behaviour. Attempts to cope with emotional difficulties through addiction can lead to both physical and psychological dependence on a substance or behaviour.

The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice on Harley Street, Central London, provides a place for exploration, support and expression. Exploring what may lie underneath these behaviours will be helpful in the long term. With both time and support, it is possible to engage with and tolerate deep anxieties and to manage what may feel like overwhelming feelings.

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