Can Psychotherapy Help With Anger?

Psychotherapy Counselling for Anger

Reports show that the amount of people suffering from anger management issues is on the rise.

Mike Fisher, the director of the British Association of Anger Management said, “We suspect that anger in our society is reaching pandemic levels, but there’s very little help available”. He goes on to say, ” ..more people are seeking help, but we know that domestic violence is increasing: eight women on average are killed a month. Workplace stress is also rising, and where there’s stress, there’s anger”.

A recent BAAM study found that, out of the 715 people who took part,  84% of them had experienced verbal and emotional abuse in the last 24 months. “Twice as many women responded than men, with 36% more women appearing to be abused,” says Fisher. “But both sexes report a disturbingly high percentage of abuses.”

In The Mental Health Foundation’s 2009 report, Boiling Point it was shown that 28% of adults were worried about how angry they sometimes feel, and 32% had a friend or relative with problems dealing with anger. One spokes person said,  “Chronic intense anger is linked with heart disease, stroke, depression, self-harm, substance abuse, colds and flu, higher stress levels and negative relationships, such as parental abuse.”

Fisher says early intervention is crucial: “The government has announced £400m to modern psychological therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy, but CBT doesn’t get to childhood trauma, which is the root of serious anger problems.”

In depth Psychotherapy, such as psychodynamic psychotherapy, helps to explore early childhood relationships and experiences and uncover powerful feelings that may be behind the present anger. An understanding of the origins of these feelings can alleviate the hold it may feel that anger has over you. Negative emotions need to be taken seriously when it comes to our mentral health.

The Therapists at The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice in London’s Harley Street have worked for many years with people struggling with anger issues.