Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice Quoted in Online Mental Health Magazine

Jessica Sinclair of The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice was recently quoted in the onine mental health magazine, ‘Mental Healthy’.

The article is concerned with the affects of sport on mental wellbeing.

‘Exercise for mental health with caution

“I have seen a growing body of evidence over the last few years to support the thinking that exercise does improve mood,” says Jessica Sinclair, a psychotherapist at London’s Cavendish Psychotherapy practice.

“Exercise releases endorphins into the body and increases the concentration of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which are good for stress improvement and managing low moods.”

Despite the clear advantages, Sinclair warns that the promotion of exercise as a means of improving mental health could have its dangers if not suitably advertised and managed.
“It should be ensured that the message is conveyed responsibly and correctly. Exercise alone may not be enough to address all mental health issues.”
“As a psychotherapist, I would not ‘prescribe’ exercise to clients seeking treatment for a mental illness. Rather, we would explore the clients’ thoughts and feelings towards exercise, so that they are able to make a decision themselves as to whether they feel it would help. It is down to the individual to decide. It is not just the mental health of people that needs to be considered when encouraging more exercise; it should be ensured that a person is physically well enough too.”
So maybe it’s not necessary for the whole of the UK to reach for the pedal pushers just yet. But we can still revel in the comfort that the subject of mental illness in sport is gathering great momentum.’

The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice is based on London’s Harley Street.