Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice Stress Clinic mentioned in Sunday Times

The stress clinic at the Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice was mentioned in the Sunday Times ( this week in an article about stress rates soaring in young City workers. The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice has seen a rise in City workers seeking counselling and psychotherapy in the last twelve months. The global credit crunch and eurozone crisis mean that City workers are having to work extremely hard in an ever tougher climate. The threat of redundancy, slashed bonuses and intense speculation about the future of the markets are causing city workers high anxiety and increased stress levels. Symptoms of high stress include sleeplessness, anger, panic attacks, pro-longed crying, sex addiction, drug and alcohol dependency and relationship breakdown. Such symptoms, left untreated, can cause burn out and long term depression.

The stress clinic at the Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice has seen an increase in the number of younger city workers seeking treatment for stress and anxiety. “We are seeing a lot of younger patients struggling with intolerable levels of stress”  Rebecca Barrie from the Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice told The Sunday Times.

Psychotherapy and counselling can help the individual work through the difficult, or overwhelming, feelings of stress, find the root cause of the problem and find a healthier way forward. Talking to a professional therapist who is non judgmental, discreet and understanding will enable the individual to gain clarity, perspective and relief.

The stress clinic at The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice, in London’s Harley Street, offers a programme of six focused counselling/therapy sessions where the individual is encouraged to talk about the feelings and symptoms of stress experienced. The therapist will help enable the individual make sense of the difficult feelings and behaviours and help build strategies towards finding a healthier way of living.