Christmas Relationship Cracks. Can Psychotherapy & Counselling Help?

Christmas Can be a Strain on a Relationship

Christmas and its run up is often considered one of the most stressful times of the year. The anticipation of Christmas seems to start earlier every year with decorations sometimes appearing in shops as early as October. Shopping, parties, travel plans all contribute to anxiety and stress. Society currently insists that this is a joyful time and this can put pressure on relationships and families to be or at least appear to be happy. People who are struggling in their relationships can often try to put their issues on the back burner until after the festive season. This may be for the sake of the children or other family members.

However, for some, the very expectation that one should be happy at this family focussed time of year can highlight cracks in a relationship. Squabbling and fighting may ensue due to the pressures and once the festivities and distractions are over and the thought of a new year looms ahead, focus can quickly come back to the difficulties in the relationship.

It is therefore unsurprising that the 5th of January has come to be known as ‘D Day’ (Divorce Day) when couples start to make official moves to separate.

However, more couples are choosing to look to therapy for help and support well before reaching this point. Relationship counselling at Cavendish Psychotherapy provides a structured space where the couple can concentrate on their relationship and explore the issues that cause friction. Clarification then leads to a better understanding of what each individual within the couple want and need from their relationship so that they are able to move forward, making more informed choices.