Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice

Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice
121 Harley Street, London W1G 6AX

To Discuss Psychotherapy and Counselling:

Phone Cavendish Psychotherapy: 020 7371 3940
Cavendish Psychotherapy Mobile: 07982 273441
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Therapy Sessions in our Harley Street Practice, by Telephone or On-line with Skype

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Some of the issues our psychotherapists regularly counsel are listed on the left.

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Cavendish Psychotherapy is Recommended by it’s Clients

It’s not always prudent to gather recommendations from our clients. The Practice and our clients are naturally concerned with privacy and confidentiality. However many of our clients have said such kind things about us. Some of those are quoted below, anonymously:

“For help with understanding and overcoming the challenges that may impede our development, I can recommend The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice. An excellent practice offering thorough psychotherapeutic support.”

“I can thoroughly recommend Cavendish to anyone looking for anything from a quick burst of life inspiration to serious life reassessment.  Your thought-provoking approach to counselling has helped me time and again. Thank you Cavendish!”

“When I first spoke to you, you said some things that helped me very quickly to understand what I had been thinking and why it upset me so much. It really helped. It did indeed help me to bear things that I had before thought were unbearable.”

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