Counselling and Therapy for Postnatal Depression: Thousands of Women are Missing out.

Psychotherapy for Postnatal Depression

As many as 35,000 women a year are missing out on psychotherapy and counselling for post natal depression.  New research has found that a tenth of mothers suffer post natal depression but only half seek help. The charity 4Children, who carried out the research wants health care professionals to look for signs of Post Natal Depression in new mothers and ensure better treatment.

Guidelines from the the National Institue for Clinical Excellence (NICE) recomeens that “talking therapies” should be offered for mothers with  mild or moderate PND. The research. however, found that 70 % of those seeking help were prescribed antidepressants and no talking therapies.

Many women are suffering in silence, too embarrassed often, to look for help. The pressure on being the perfect mother, with the perfect baby, is felt by many new mother’s as they struggle to make sense of their situation.  It’s important for mother’s to understand that a there is no perfect mother and no perfect baby. As mother’s we can be ‘good enough’. Getting caught in the trap of thinking that we’re not good enough can escalate into feelings of worthlessness and depression. Depression in the mother can affect the baby, as the mother withdraws emotionally and becomes unresponsive to the baby, the baby is left without a framework from which the world can filter through. This can affect the baby’s emotional development.

Psychotherapy and counselling for post natal depression can offer a new mother an opportunity to express and explore difficult feelings in a safe and non-judgemental environment.  At The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice in Harley Street, Central London, the psychotherapists are experienced at working with mother’s suffering with Post Natal Depression. The therapists at the practice also offer counselling for women who are pregnant and depressed, helping them through their depression to ensure better mental health once the baby is born, with the aim of avoiding post natal depression.

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