Physical Abuse

London Psychotherapy Counselling for Physical Violence & Abuse

Physical Violence & Abuse and Psychotherapy Counselling & Therapy

Physical abuse is the use of physical force against someone that causes injury and may endanger that person. It can happen to anyone in any intimate relationship such as marriage, cohabiting, dating, family or friends. Domestic violence has many definitions including physical aggression or threats of violence (hitting, kicking, biting, shoving, restraining, slapping, throwing objects), sexual abuse, controlling or domineering, intimidation and neglect. Although women are often thought to be the primary victims, it can happen to men also. Domestic abuse can occur within all age ranges, ethnic and socio economic backgrounds, heterosexual couples and same sex partnerships.

The purpose of domestic violence is to gain control over the other person. To dominate and intimidate and the effects upon the victim can be devastating, even after the actual abuse is over.

Someone who has suffered from domestic violence can experience anxiety, fear and stress; depression, low self esteem, PTSD and may have suicidal thoughts. Psychosomatic symptoms or eating problems may develop. They may feel isolated from friends and family because of feelings of shame or guilt that it has happened or feelings that they have ‘provoked’ the abuse. Work may suffer and health may deteriorate as they struggle to cope with what is or has happened.

Talking to a professional psychotherapist in a confidential and safe environment can help

Talking to a therapist can provide the support needed to explore the complex feelings and emotions that are experienced as a result of physical abuse. By listening without judgement the psychotherapist can help the person understand and see more clearly.

The psychotherapists at The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice on London’s Harley Street are experienced at helping sufferers express bottled-up feelings and make sense of them and of their experiences.