Couples | Family Therapy


Is your relationship under stress and strain?

  • Couples Therapy

The main focus of couples therapy are the problems existing in the relationship between two people – an exploration into each individual’s issues and difficulties is necessary in order to understand better the relationship conflicts. For example, frequent arguing within the relationship may be better understood by exploring the individual’s anxiety, anger or depression. In relationship therapy, the psychotherapist or counsellor helps you and your partner identify the conflict issues within your relationship. The relationship is considered to be the patient in need of help.

  • Adult Family Therapy

Difficult relationships between siblings, parents and children – or other family members – can often go unresolved for years. Often the causes of the difficulties can go unrecognised, without a therapeutic intervention. It sometimes takes a third, and more objective view of the relationship to pinpoint the cause of difficulties. The psychotherapist or counsellor helps those involved identify the conflict issues. This recognition of the issues allows you as individuals to become aware of the difficulties and enable you to make appropriate changes in your behaviour and help you make healthy decisions around the relationship.

Adult family therapy allows a third person to hear your struggle and enable you both as individuals to be heard and to actively listen to one another. It helps you as individuals, to communicate in a more effective way and enables positive change to take place within the relationship.

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