Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Central London Psychotherapy for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug & Alcohol Abuse and Psychotherapy Counselling

People can initially become involved with drugs and alcohol for many different reasons; curiosity, social acceptance, to have a good time or to help ease other problems, such as stress, anxiety, or depression. However, for some people the use of drugs and alcohol can become more than a casual behaviour.

The frequency of use or the amount of substance used does not dictate whether a person has an abusive relationship with drugs or alcohol. It is more to do with the consequences of the use. If problems begin to develop in life then the use of substances may have moved from casual to problematic, where their use stops being voluntary and starts to be a psychological and physical need.

Some areas in a person’s life that can be effected are relationships; fights with partners may increase, friends may be lost. Responsibilities may be neglected so that work, home life or schooling may suffer. Risk taking may increase, such as unprotected sex or driving when drunk and as a result legal trouble may ensue.

Drug and alcohol use can cross the line from casual to abusive because it can feel as though it is the answer to a need; to increase confidence, stop feeling stressed or depressed, or numb psychological pain. It may act as something to fill an emotional void. However, the feeling of relief gained from these substances is only temporary as the addiction is a symptom of deeper emotional problems and the causes that lie behind the need for them have not been addressed.

Psychotherapy and counselling can help explore the roots of what lies behind the need for drugs and alcohol, providing an understanding and a clarity. This can lead to healthier ways of dealing with these issues and a greater sense of well being.

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The therapists at The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice on London’s Harley Street have many years of experience supporting people who have suffered drug and alcohol dependence.