Eating disorders discussed on Radio 4 tonight

Doctor Mark Porter on Anorexia…

… on Radio 4 tonight at 9pm, when heĀ talks about the possible issues behind the eating disorder on the weekly Inside Health programme discussing and de-bunking common misapprehensions on health issues. On the trailer heard today, he stated that the causes were often assumed to be obsession with weight and image but – as we see on our website page, newly updated last month on our website (see our page on eating disorders & anorexia) – there are often many other reasons behind the issue.

Of course we don’t know what he’ll be discussing and/or concluding but we’re sure it’ll be interesting listening.

For more details about the Inside Health programme, click here and explore.

2 thoughts on “Eating disorders discussed on Radio 4 tonight”

  1. People eat in order to survive. Absolutely, healthy foods is very yummy and delicious. Eating disorder is very hard to control when some people doing it abnormally. In that case the person has damage in their health and it is better to look for a counsellors and have some therapy. They can give several advice on how to handle those kind of problems in eating to much or abnormal. They give some sort of regular diets that is being follow and advice them not to eat the food so much cause it will cause them into illness.

  2. Interesting to see that the above comment was so obviously penned (or typed) by someone who does not have English as a first language. It is in truth a spam link from the psychotherapy directory as a way to build website prescence. Other therapists beware! You don’t want to give links and you don’t really want a link from someone who uses dispreutable methods…

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