Emotional Abuse

Central London Psychotherapy Counselling for Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse, or Psychological Abuse, and Psychotherapy Counselling

Psychological abuse, or emotional abuse, is characterized by one person intentionally subjecting another individual to behaviour that results in emotional trauma.  Emotional abuse allows the abuser to gain control over the other, through words or actions that undermine the other’s self respect and self esteem. Over a period of time this kind of psychological abuse is very damaging and can lead to depression, anxiety, self -harm or drug and alcohol abuse. Relationships with others can suffer as the victim becomes more depressed and isolated.

Psychotherapy and counselling can help those who have suffered, or are suffering, psychological abuse. Counselling for psychological abuse can help individuals come to terms with their abuse, understand how it is impacting upon their lives and allow them to move forward with greater confidence.

Patterns of Emotional Abuse

The abuser may:

-Threaten or humiliate you in front of others, damage your belongings or property

-Control what you do, how you use your money

-Follow you without your consent

-They may use their culture, religion or personal problems as an excuse for their behaviour

Signs of Emotional Abuse

  • Depression or Anxiety
  • Increased isolation from friends and family
  • Fearful or agitated behaviour
  • Low self esteem
  • Alcohol or drug abuse

Psychotherapy Counselling for Emotional or Psychological Abuse Can Help

The psychotherapists at the Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice, Central London, are all experienced in working with victims of emotional/psychological abuse.  The three psychotherapist/counsellors at the Cavendish are female, are discreet, non judgemental and supportive.

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