Initimacy Anorexia & Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy Counselling for Intimacy?

Intimacy Annorexia is a new definition of  an age old problem – the withholding of love and or affection in a relationship. In his new book, “Intiamcy Anorexia: Healing The Hidden Addiction in Your Marriage”, Douglas Weiss defines Intimacy Anorexia as “the active withholding of emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy”.  According to Weiss, intimacy anorexia is a condition that is destroying relationships worldwide and is a growing phenomenon. Weiss blames, in part, new technologies for replacing meaningful relationships with more superficial, social networking relationships.

The fear of intimacy, or getting too close to partners, is often based on a fear of rejection – if we are emotionally open and available to our partners we may feel vulnerable to attack or rejection. This sense of vulnerability is often linked to earlier life experience – we may have had a father who left us, or a close relation who died or left us. It is the fear of being left again that may cause us, as adults, to withdraw from meaningful contact – through a fear of loss. Patterns can be established where relationships start well, but then flounder when real feelings of attachment develop.

A course of psychotherapy or counselling could help you, as an individual, or as a couple, discover the roots of the difficulties with intimacy. The psychotherapists and counsellors at The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice, on Harley Street, Central London, are highly experienced therapists who can help individuals and couples understand their emotional difficulties and move forward in healthier relationships.