Low Self Esteem Counselling

Self Esteem and Psychotherapy Counselling & Therapy for Low Self Esteem

Self esteem can be confused with self confidence. However, some people, for example actors or public figures, can have self confidence but also low self esteem. To esteem yourself is to see yourself as worthy and valuable. People who suffer from low self esteem find it hard to say “I like myself”, or “I deserve to be happy”, or “I am a good person”. Most people experience low self esteem at some point in their life, for example, if they lose their job or relationship, however sometimes it can seem a permanent state. Common symptoms of low self-esteem can include, constantly feeling tired and having little motivation, feeling bored with life and feeling that there is not much to look forward to, wishing life was better, thinking negatively about personal abilities and possible opportunities, feeling like a failure or feeling hopeless and depressed.

Therapy & Counselling for Self Esteem

The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice, London can help with feelings of low self esteem by exploring with you how this negative self belief evolved, whether recently or from early experiences, and challenge negative thinking patterns in order to help develop a stronger inner sense of self and self belief to ensure a more fulfilling life.