Mid-Life at 30? A Psychotherapist’s View

Are we Hitting Mid-Life Crisis a Decade Earlier?

The midlife crisis is hitting early, with new figures published by Relate suggesting that it’s in our thirties, not our forties or fifties, when we can take a step into crisis and depression.  Those surveyed said that it was work and relationship pressures that contribute to them feeling lonely and isolated and 21 per cent reported feeling depressed because of bad relationships at home or at work.

Traditionally in our third decade, we are settling down, starting families and becoming more settled in careers and relationships. With the relentless economic pressure however, this generation of thirty-somethings are struggling to maintain a good work life balance. More hours in the office, spent trying to hold on to jobs and achieve more, mean fewer hours at home to spend with friends and family. This imbalance creates stress both at home and at work with relationships suffering.

“We have seen an increase in younger people, overwhelmed by stress, seeking therapy.’ says Jessica Sinclair from The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice. “People respond to stress in different ways but relationships always suffer.”

The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice helps individuals explore difficult and overwhelming feelings. Therapy can help unwind stress and depression by getting to the root cause of the problem, exploring the feelings and building new ways of relating.