NICE Recommends Psychotherapy for Postnatal Mothers

According to NICE Guidelines, Mothers Suffering from Postnatal Depression Should Be Referred for Psychotherapy

A survey recently completed by 4Children found that mothers with postnatal depression are being failed by the NHS by not taking into account the international guidelines concerned with the condition.

1 in 10 new mothers suffer from postnatal depression and of those surveyed it was found that, if the condition was diagnosed at all, the greater majority were prescribed antidepressants. This contradicts the NICE guidelines that recommend counselling and psychotherapy for mild and moderate cases of postnatal depression.

The report also demonstrated the inconsistency of record keeping as far as the amount of cases of postnatal depression is concerned. Whereas some health authorities reported 1350 cases, others reported just 1.

Chief Executive of 4Children, Anne Longfield said, “It just reveals so much in terms of lack of empathy and sympathy for these people. It’s a complete disregard for their health and wellbeing…It’s seen as an everyday little personal issue. At the end of the day, no one is taking it seriously…This report shows a massive default towards antidepressants when proper care is within the gift of health professionals”.

The therapists at London’s Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice have worked with mothers suffering from postnatal depression. They provide a safe, non judgemental space for mothers struggling with all the emotions that can come with motherhood in order to explore and understand these feelings better.

The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice can be found at 121 Harley Street, London.