Post Natal Depression – Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice Offers Specialist Help

Post natal depression once again hit the headlines this week  with the tragic story of  a young mother,  so depressed and sleep deprived,  that she killed her five week old baby.

The woman  had visited her GP and had been offered anti-depressants but no talking therapy, it was reported in a serious case review last week.   The woman was left completely unsupported and took only one of the anti-depressants because she felt ashamed of her depression. The case highlights the need for more open discussion about Post Natal Depression – it’s a condition that effects 10 per cent of all new mothers and yet remains stigmatized and shrouded in shame.

New mothers often feel alone with their depression. The pressure to be a perfect mother – happy and fully functioning – can be overwhelming when the reality, for many women,  is that new motherhood is difficult and clouded by depression. It is vital that new mothers, suffering with depression, are listened to and supported. At the Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice we offer private counselling and psychotherapy for post natal depression. Getting support on the NHS seems to becoming increasingly difficult but it’s important that women do explore what might be available to them. Health visitors, midwives and GP’s should be the first to be contacted – they should have information and options to help support new mothers suffering with depression.

Symptoms of PND include:







Ways of coping:

Call GP

Share your feelings with a friend or your partner

Take small steps – try to get out of the house once a day

Speak to your health visitor

Think about joining Mum’s groups and finding other new mothers who may be feeling the way you do.

Remember  you are not alone in suffering with PND – 70,000 women per year are diagnosed.

The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice offers weekly, individual  psychotherapy and counselling for new mothers. The therapists at the Cavendish practice are all highly experienced in working with Post Natal Depression.  Sharing your experiences and sadness with a trained psychotherapist can reduce your depression and help you find the clarity to move forward into healthy motherhood.