Professional, Qualified, Psychotherapists

For a client to come into counselling or psychotherapy can be a very daunting prospect

While opening up difficult feelings and thoughts with a stranger, it maybe important for you to know that the therapist you have chosen is properly qualified and is registered with a governing body.

The Cavendish Psychotherapy psychotherapists/counsellors have all undertaken five years of academic and clinical training and are all registered with the UKCP, The UK Council for Psychotherapists.

To be registered with the UKCP, practitioners are required to have taken a five year training, need a minimum of 450 client hours before being registered to practice, and are insured, supervised and are bound by a professional code of ethics.

Cavendish Psychotherapy professional therapists, based in Harley Street, Central London, provide their clients with a safe, professional and discreet service.

Our Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice  therapist-counsellors are fully accredited and registered pychotherapists with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy: UKCP