Psychotherapy and Counselling Needed for Women, Post Termination .

Post Abortion Counselling and Psychotherapy

For many women, making the decision to have an termination is just the beginning of a long and complex psychological pathway. The government have recently talked about the need for women to have pre-termination counselling, and the need for this work to be carried out by counsellors who are independent from the clinics where the terminations are carried out. While pre-termination counselling is helpful in making a decision, women are often left after their termination with little psychological support.

A recent survey carried out by the University of Oslo found that 27% of women who had had terminations were still suffering with difficult feelings about the procedure six months later and up to 20% five years later. This suggests that the psychological effects of a termination are considerable for many women. Counselling and psychotherapy is not easily available for women who have had a termination, many are left to cope alone with sometimes overwhelming feelings of sadness, guilt anxiety and loss.

At The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice, the psychotherapist/cousellors are experienced at working with women who are struggling with difficult feelings after an abortion.

Rebecca Barrie at the Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice comments…

“It is quite usual for women to have a psychological reaction to a termination. Feelings of loss, guilt and anxiety are common and can be quite long lasting. There is still shame attached to termination so it’s often quite hard for women to feel they deserve support through these difficult feelings and, sometimes harder still, to find the support they need.”

At The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice on Harley Street, Central London, the psychotherapists/counsellors offer discreet, intelligent and non judgmental psychotherapy and counselling.