Psychotherapy as an Intervention Before Addiction

Psychotherapy and Counselling can help with Addiction before it becomes a Real Problem


People who become addicted to something, whether its drinking, shopping, gambling or any other form of addiction, often say that they did not notice their dependence upon these things creeping up on them.

There are many reasons why a person may start these behaviours; a way to relax, better economic circumstances, treating ones self, socialising or just fun. All these are very valid reasons but the problems arise when partaking in these ‘recreational’ pursuits becomes habitual and the thought of not having them in ones life becomes unthinkable.

Life can then start to revolve around the addiction instead of the drinking, gambling etc being just a part of life.

A person can become defensive or secretive about this behaviour which can result in isolation and loneliness. They become dependant upon the addiction to get them through stressful and difficult situations.

Only feeling relaxed with a drink in your hand, or feeling more comfortable being online than being with friends, spending lots of time thinking about and planning your next gambling session or shopping trip, mood changes, sleeping more or less than usual, secretiveness and lying can be signs of an over dependence upon something and a journey towards addiction.

However, it is often found that addiction to something is a symptom of more deep seated emotional difficulties, about which the addicted person may not be aware. The addictive behaviour allows the person to feel better for some time, but if the real cause of the persons unhappiness is not explored and confronted, the feelings of happiness gained by the addictive behaviour can become less satisfying and so the person may drink more, shop more, gamble more, take more drugs, in order to keep trying to numb the unhappiness.

Psychotherapy and Counselling with the professional therapists at The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice in London can help you intervene in this behaviour before it becomes an addiction. Your psychotherapist will explore with you the difficult feelings and emotions that lie beneath the behaviour so that you gain a better understanding of why you are becoming addicted in order for you to make healthy changes and arrest the problem before it escalates.