Psychotherapy Counselling For Stress…

Psychotherapy for Stress

Stress is something that we all suffer from at one time or another during our lives. It can be triggered by external pressures such as work difficulties (which is the largest cause of stress today), relationship problems, bereavement, illness and bullying. It can manifest itself as sleeplessness, tearfulness, anger and depression.

Long term stress can eventually be physically damaging such as raised blood pressure leading to heart problems. According to statistics from the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), 55% of us say we have been depressed, 59% anxious and 70% stresses and 31 million anti depressants prescriptions are written a year.

Yet only 20% have therapy or psychotherapy

The way life is structured today seems to lend itself to causing stress:  Pressure to balance busy work and home lives; pressure to look great and to be successful; divided families; and fewer close supportive networks. Adding the current financial difficulties means that we sometimes need to turn to someone outside all of this for help and support. Bottling up worries and stresses for fear of seeming weak, or ‘bothering’ people or maybe because there is a feeling that no one is really interested, only compounds the situation.

At the very least, a therapist – a psychotherapy counsellor – is a neutral person to whom you can off-load. But so much more can be gained by an exploration into other thoughts and fears that may lie behind the stress trigger that can lead to a better understanding of yourself and why you react the way you do. Future stressful situations can then feel less daunting and more controllable.

Those with stress may need to be encouraged to talk to therapists. We at Cavendish Psychotherapy in London are trained to listen and we would hope to hear from anyone with anxieties, with a view to being able to explore their stress .