Psychotherapy for Psychosexual Difficulties

Psychotherapy can help with Psychosexual Difficulties

At The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice, therapists are experienced in working with those struggling with psychosexual issues. Psychosexual therapy looks at how emotional factors, not always apparent at a conscious level, can influence sexual performance and enjoyment as well as our sexual choices.

Psychosexual counselling or therapy helps address the underlying psychological or emotional causes of sexual difficulties. In talking to a therapist in a confidential environment, issues that may seem very difficult to talk about with lovers or friends, can be shared, explored and often resolved. Issues that the Cavendish Psychotherapists are experienced in working with include; lack of desire, fear of sexual contact, fear of sexual organs, body dysmorphia, sexual compulsion, sexual orientation and gender confusion.

The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice is in Harley Street, Central London.