Why choose therapy in Harley Street?


Harley Street in London has a world-wide reputation. The whole area around Harley Street is sometimes called “Medical London” due to the great number of private hospitals, medical practitioners and medical expertise available.  There are over 1,500 professional medical practitioners in and around the Harley Street area. These include top medical practitioners, dentists, psychiatrists and plastic surgeons providing the world’s best care.

The range and quality of services available continues to expand as new treatments and new diagnostic techniques emerge. Harley Street is at the forefront of medical science and it is firmly on the map for medical excellence. Thus to practice in Harley Street is both an honour for practitioners and a comfort to patients who respect the reputation and substance of the area. It is unique place in the world of care and medicine.

We at the Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice established ourselves in the Harley Street area in 2007, because we believed that our patients want (and deserve) the best possible treatment, in the best and the most professional environment.

To find out more about Cavendish Psychotherapy and our practice in Harley Street, please call or contact us.