Recession? Depression Hot On Its Heels? Psychotherapy?

For Love Or Money Or Talking Therapy?

So, the era of the £1500 handbag, weekends in Dubai and regular six figure hedge fund bonuses are over as we hurtle towards the cliff that is Hard Brexit. How, I wonder, is that making us feel? Glad, maybe for the end of such excess? Sorry maybe that the streets will have fewer Aston Martins for us to peer into, fewer braches of Prada and Gucci for us to press our noses against? Which ever, reality means that the losses of the hedge funders will soon be our losses. Even if our style was more Marks and Spencer than Marc Jacobs and our sense of prosperity came from the rising value of our homes, not our stock portfolio, things aren’t going to be the same for a while. The boom has turned to bust and the world around us is changing fast. We need to prepare ourselves for the new age of austerity.

The transition from feeling prosperous to feeling precarious may not be easy – especially if we’ve lost our job or livelihoods. We’re moving from an age where anything seemed possible to an age where our lives may become more restricted, our horizons narrowed. These kinds of changes are difficult to negotiate – it means a loss of a certain type of life and attitude and with loss, depression can come hot on its heels.

Symptoms of depression can include constant feelings of sadness, irritability or stress, decreased interest or pleasure in usual activities or hobbies, loss of energy, lack of concentration, restlessness, sleeplessness or the desire to sleep all day, feelings of worthlessness, relationship breakdown, hopelessness or thoughts of suicide.

If we were once a person with an enjoyable job and money in the bank, losing these things and the life style that came with them, is going to be hard. The jobs that we do are often inextricably linked to our identity – to who we believe we are. If an essential component of who we think we are is taken away, we can be left floundering for a meaning in our lives.

This though, is maybe the moment you can look inward, rather than outward for answers and real meaning. It may be possible for you to discover through counselling, psychotherapy, or simply through your own reflection, who you really are and what you really want from life. This maybe a time to invest in relationships, not hedge funds – it’s love, after all, that gives us the potential to be happy.