Relationship Breakdown

Psychotherapy Counselling for Relationship Breakdown

Relationship or Marriage Breakdown, Separation, Divorce and Psychotherapy Counselling in Central London

The ending of a marriage or a close relationship can be one of the most stressful events that a person can go through. Whether the person has instigated the ending or had the decision made for them, this event can bring up many difficult and painful emotions. Often divorce is experienced as a personal failure. Grief, guilt, anger, shame, anxiety, fear and self blame are also experienced by those going through a separation and if children are involved then these feelings can be intensified.

The mental adjustment needed to deal with the impact and consequences of a divorce can take its toll and may lead to depression, sleep problems and anxiety issues. Sometimes a dependence upon alcohol or drugs may develop as a way of coping with the sadness.

There are often many questions about the relationship and its ending, what to do next and even if one will be able to cope with the changes.

Therapy & Counselling For Relationship Breakdowns

Talking to friends and family about divorce can be difficult or unhelpful as it may be felt that they have divided loyalties or they may not be as objective as is needed. However, this does not mean that the stress of a divorce should be borne alone. Psychotherapy and counselling can help.

The Cavendish psychotherapists remain objective about what is said in therapy, and can help those going through a divorce to determine what is best for their own lives.

Entering therapy as a divorcing or separating couple, our therapists can help you talk through your relationship, make decisions, prepare for separation and deal with the consequences. Entering therapy as an individual, our therapists can help with the transition from being married to being single, offering support through the grief and help with finding the strength to move forward.

Psychotherapy and the therapists at The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice can help the couple or the individual work through painful feelings, make sense of the end marriage and gain new perspectives so that they can look to a more positive future.