Psychotherapy Counselling for Reproduction Issues

Reproduction and Psychotherapy Counselling & Therapy in Central London

Issues around reproduction (including fertility, miscarriage, abortion, pregnancy and early motherhood) all have the potential to be very emotionally difficult for either, or both, the mother and father.
If you are having difficulties conceiving, stress can build up and reduce the chances of conception further. Therapy or counselling can help. In exploring and expressing the feelings around conception with a Cavendish therapist, relief will be experienced and stress will dissipate.
The loss involved in miscarriage is often overlooked. Miscarriage is a highly distressing event and can lead the mother to experience a very real bereavement. Talking through this loss with a therapist from the Cavendish Practice, will offer you a sense of relief and understanding.

Abortion and Psychotherapy Counselling & Therapy

Abortion provokes many mixed feelings for women.  Difficult feelings are often experienced years after the termination. Discussing these feelings with a Cavendish therapist can help you understand your experience and help you move forward.