Sex Addiction Officially Recognised as a Mental Health Disorder

The American manual of psychological disorders, the DSM  (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorder) has, for the first time, included sex addiction as a mental health disorder. The Manual, published by the American Psychiatric Association is the book used by clinicians to define and identify the types and thresholds of mental health problems. The inclusion of sex addiction in the book coincides with the increase numbers of people coming to psychotherapy and counselling at The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice, presenting  with  problems relating to sexual compulsion.

Sex addiction can be as destructive as other common addictions, breaking relationships apart, destroying careers and the lives of those for whom sexual compulsion becomes out of control. It is no coincidence that sexual addiction is becoming recognised now, as the internet is increasingly impacting upon our lives. Porn, escorts and dating are a single click away from us all – making moves into the, often anonymous, sexual arena very easy.

Psychotherapy or counselling can help those with sexual addiction or compulsion. At The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice, the therapists are experienced at working with sexual addiction and help sufferers find the root cause of their problems and help them move forward with new understanding and behaviours. The counsellors and psychotherapists at the Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice are professional, non judgemental and offer their patients a confidential and supportive environment. The Psychotherapy Practice is in Harley Street, Central London.