Shopping Addiction Therapy

Central London Psychotherapy Counselling for Shopping Addiction

Shopping Addiction and Psychotherapy Counselling & Therapy

Shopping addiction, or oniomania, (also sometimes known as compulsive shopping or shopaholism, compulsive buying or compulsive buying disorder/CBD) effects between 8-10% of the British population – that’s eight million people. Shopping addiction, like any addiction, leads the individual into very difficult circumstances.  Shopping addiction is an impulse control disorder: Those addicted to shopping are unable to control the impulse to shop. The compulsion to shop can lead the individual to accrue debt and this can lead to anxiety and depression which, in turn, can lead to break down of relationships and self-respect.

Shopping is often a way for a person to escape, fleetingly, from difficult feelings and negative emotions. For a moment the shopping addict loses themselves, feels complete and believes that ‘the handbag’ or ‘the digital camera’ will be the answer to their unhappiness.

Signs of Shopping Addiction include:

–       feeling a rush when purchasing

–       feeling guilty and ashamed after the purchase

–       lying to others about purchasing

–       thinking excessively about money

–       shopping or spending causing emotional distress

Psychotherapy and counselling can help those suffering with shopping addiction…

by getting to the underlying feelings that are causing the behaviour. In therapy, by exploring the difficult feelings and negative emotions driving the addiction, the individual will experience relief and be able to move forward unburdened.

The psychotherapist counsellors at the Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice, in Harley Street, Central London are experienced at working with individuals suffering with shopping addiction. Therapy and counselling for shopping addiction at the Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice is non-judgemental and the therapists are discreet and supportive.