Anxiety Therapy

Psychotherapy Counselling for Anxiety

Anxiety & Psychotherapist Counselling in Central London

Anxiety is a common condition and a normal reaction when feeling scared or threatened. The severity of anxiety can differ from person to person. Some may experience only one symptom whilst others two or more. Anxiety could manifest itself psychologically as a sense of restlessness and hyper vigilance, irritability, lack of concentration or a sense of dread. Sometimes a person may experience panic attacks. Physical symptoms can be sweating, shortness of breath, stomach ache, palpitations, dizziness or a difficulty in falling or staying asleep. Anxiety can be tiring and wearing and long term anxiety can lead to physical health problems, such as raised blood pressure and heart issues.
At The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice on Harley Street, Central London, our therapists, experienced in stress counselling, will help explore the roots of the anxiety and gain an understanding of the triggers and the cycles of self belief that perpetuate these feelings, helping you to manage your anxiety better.

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