Work Related Issues

Psychotherapy Counselling for Work Related Issues

Work Related Issues, Stress and Psychotherapy & Counselling in Central London

With recession upon us, and the uncertainty that comes with it, the work place can become a very stressful environment. We may be expected to work longer hours, to perform above and beyond what we feel capable of. We may be coping with huge uncertainty – will we keep our jobs, our livelihoods? This kind of stress and uncertainty may cause strained relationships at work and emotions that feel difficult to cope with. Work related stress can impact negatively on our wider lives and relationships. Stress at work can cause physical symptoms; panic attacks, skin irritations and migraine.

Stress counselling at the Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice can help you examine your difficulties in the workplace, explore your feelings and help you find ways to cope better with life. Expressing your thoughts and feelings with a Cavendish therapist will lead to relief from stress, a greater sense of self awareness and help develop new strengths to move forward.

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