Stress in The City: London Psychotherapy Clinic The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice Sees Numbers of City Workers Seeking Therapy Rise

Psychotherapy Can Help with Work Stress

The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice on Harley Street, Central London, has seen a marked increase in the numbers of city workers coming to therapy. “More than ever we’re seeing clients whose stress levels are becoming intolerable. When stress becomes intolerable, individuals are likely to seek escape – into drugs, alcohol or sex, in turn this can escalate into addiction” says Rebecca Barrie, Psychotherapist at The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice.

Finance workers who scraped through the credit crunch of a few years ago are hitting another malestrom with the Eurozone crisis, provoking a second round of panic and potential redundancies. It maybe true that the volatility of the markets attracts a volatile workforce; those happy to take high risks both professionally and personally. It is when this risk taking goes wrong or becomes out of hand that finance workers seem to seek out help.

Psychotherapy and counselling for stress can be of enormous benefit to city workers. Talking through difficult feelings and problems with a non-judgemental psychotherapist or counsellor can help alleviate stress, get to the root cause of the difficulties and find a clearer and healthier way forward.

The therapists/counsellors at the Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice are highly qualified, experienced and discreet. The practice works with the individual to understand difficult feelings and behaviours, including use of drugs, alcohol and sex. Last year the Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice set up a Stress Counselling Clinic, offering individuals a series of six sessions to target stress and stress related issues. The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice is on Harley Street. email: or call: 0207 371.3940