Stressed Out London Needs Psychotherapy

Londoners are the most stressed out people in Europe, figures out today confirm.

In a recent survey undertaken by the airline, EasyJet, London was found to be the most stressed out city in Europe.

1000 UK residents were asked to identify the most stressed European capital cities and the results showed that 57% put London at the top.

The reasons for this are varied but some that have been put forward in this survey are the long working hours and inclement weather. However, 40% said that the greatest cause of stress was money worries and the rising cost of living.

David Osborne, EasyJet’s Commercial General Manager for the UK, said, “London is known for working some of the longest hours in Europe but what makes London most stressed is the fact that we don’t seem able to unwind”.

“Londoners still tend to bottle up problems, and by working and playing so hard they don’t really know how to relax like people in other European cities”.

Stress however, can be triggered by many different catalysts, not just those associated with work, although the current financial climate places this reason at the top.

Anxiety regarding relationships with families, children and friends, low self esteem, one’s place in a community, identity, sexuality and health are just some of those calalysts.

Bottling up problems can often exacerbate them as the deep-set reasons behind the stress are not identified and yet the stress keeps growing. Talking to a therapist or counsellor can help unravel complicated emotions leading to a greater understanding of the underlying causes of the stress and help alleviate the symptoms.

The therapists at The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice in London have many years experience working with the causes of stress. They provide a short term stress clinic to identify triggers but also long term analytical therapy to explore more the deep rooted beliefs behind the stress.

The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice in central London offers psychotherapy in London, the most stressed out city in Europe.