The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice Stress Counselling Clinic

The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice has set up a stress counselling clinic

 The clinic offers a series of six, one hour, sessions of stress counselling where clients are able to talk through their current difficulties, explore their feelings, gain clarity and move forward in their lives.

“A short course of stress counselling can often be good way for someone who generally functions well in their life but who finds themselves overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. The stress could be caused by work pressure, a difficult relationship, a loss or disappointment.” says Rebecca Barrie, a therapist at the Cavendish.  “We work with people to help them identify the root cause of the stress and help them manage the difficult feelings.”

The stress counselling clinic offers individuals a safe and discreet place to talk and to express their feelings. Rebecca Barrie says;   “Increasingly we are finding people coming to stress counselling who feel quite isolated in their distress. For some, encountering a particularly stressful situation can become debilitating and have a negative impact on all areas of their lives.”

To book a series of six stress counselling sessions, please call 0207 371 3940

Or email Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice