The child-friendly divorce

Is There A Psychotherapist Angle?

It was recently reported in the Daily Telegraph (22nd September 2010) that there is finally hope for a better system of divorce law than the current, outmoded, adversarial model. The proposed model has the children’s needs as primary. This ‘collaborative’ model, offers a space where the parents can express their needs and concerns as opposed to letting the divorce become a battle ground of ruthlessness, where children often become “both the battlefield [and] the ammunition”. This model, being considered by government advisors, involves bringing in a consultant (often a trained mental health advisor) to act as a fair arbiter with whom the divorcing couple can discuss their emotions and fears, particularly those surrounding their children. Roger Bamber, one of the UK’s leading family law practitioners and a trained mediator, is passionate about this collaborative model. 

We at The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice in Harley Street fully believe in offering a space for individuals and couples where emotional communication and understanding is key. Whether an individual is in the middle of a turbulent relationship, under the stress of separation, or the couple are attempting to begin couples counselling with the hope of staying together, we at The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice, offer an objective, safe space to discuss often deep seated concerns. We believe that counselling and psychotherapy can help to show you healthier patterns of relating – both with yourself and with others.