The Knock on Benefits of Relationship Counselling or Psychotherapy

More Benefits to Couples Counselling

Research has recently been released by Relate that shows that those couples that attended relationship counselling or therapy found that they experienced more knock on effects than just the development of their immediate relationship.

These couples described not only the positive effect that the therapy had on their relationship but also the impact on their parenting skills and their ability to function better and more efficiently at work.

The report found that, of those surveyed, 80% said couples counselling had helped them maintain and strengthen their couple relationship, 73% said that the therapy had helped save their relationship and 74% said that the couples psychotherapy had helped them come to terms with a relationship that had ended.

Couples counselling has also been found to be helpful for couples trying to deal with big changes in their lives within their relationship, such as the birth of a child, or a change in their accustomed couple roles, such as might happen with a redundancy or illness.

The further positive effects of relationship therapy in terms of boosting self confidence, feeling better able to deal with the stresses of parenting and increased concentration at work, help the couple feel more able to turn their lives around.

Couples counselling or psychotherapy at The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice in London aims to work with the couple in order for both individuals to understand each other better and gain insight into what each other needs and wants within the relationship.