The Right Therapy


Before your therapy begins, you will have an assessment session with your counsellor or psychotherapist. During this session, you will be able to speak to her about the issues that have brought you into therapy. Together, you and she will discuss your needs and the kind of therapy that will be best suited to you. If, at the end of this session you want to go ahead, you will be able to book an appointment, usually for the following week.

Let Cavendish Psychotherapy find the right therapy for you

  • Individual Therapy: Psychodynamic/Analytical Psychotherapy

Psychodynamic/Analytical  Psychotherapy is a model of therapy that focuses on exploring the patient’s past and as a way to understand current feelings and behaviours.   It is a longer term therapy, which can last from six sessions to several years, depending upon the individual’s needs..

  • Individual Therapy: Cognitive Analytic Psychotherapy (CAT)

Cognitive Analytic Therapy or ‘CAT’ is a time limited model of therapy, usually 16-24 weeks that focuses upon patterns of behaviour that are constantly repeated by a person to their detriment. These patterns are usually developed in childhood as a way of coping with emotional difficulties and deprivations and to protect the individual from emotional hurt. Often they were helpful in the past but are now ineffective and serve to hinder healthy emotional development.

  • Individual Therapy: Focused, Short Term Therapy

Focused therapy works on a specific issue that is currently affecting the individual. Short term therapy can work very well for mild depression, stress, anxiety, or a specific relationship or work related issue. A Cavendish therapist will work with the individual for a minimum of six weeks.

  • Couples Counselling

For couples counselling and adult family counselling see our separate pages

  • Online Therapy and Counselling or Traditional Psychotherapy?

Online therapy is becoming increasingly popular. With busy modern and international lives, it is sometimes difficult to attend a regular session at the therapist’s clinic and yet it is important to maintain regular contact in order to keep the therapy moving forward and allow the client to know that the support is there. The Cavendish Psychotherapy practice would rather see you face to face, but we are happy to be flexible and offer Skype, Facetime or phone consultations as required.