Therapy and Eating Disorders: Psychotherapy Helps

Counselling & Therapy Can Get To The Causes of Eating Disorders

Psychotherapy can help those suffering with eating disorders understand the underlying causes of their difficulties with food. It is rare that anorexia and bulimia just happen as a result of dieting. With most eating disorders there is an underlying cause.

Often the cause underlying eating disorders is relational. Those suffering with eating disorders often have difficult and complex relationships with parents. An individual may be for example a highly dependent person by nature, but someone who at the same time is terrified of their own dependent feelings. They may equate dependency with weakness or helplessness. They may occasionally develop highly dependent relationships but will then pull away, terrified of the possibility of being dependent. The anorexic or bulimic individual may not be aware of any relationship issues they have with people, but use food as the focus when acting out their relationship problems.

In therapy, relationships with others can be explored and the underlying causes of eating disorders discovered and worked through.  The therapists and counsellors at The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice in London are experienced at working with people suffering with eating disorders and helping them find different ways of relating to food and to those around them.