Internet Addiction

Central London Psychotherapy Counselling for Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction and Psychotherapy Counselling

Internet addiction is a type of compulsive disorder that can impact individuals, couples, and families. The disorder can affect anyone, but those who also suffer from depression, anxiety-related disorders, relationships problems, and other addictive behaviors may be particularly prone.

Use of the internet can easily get out of hand. Its 24 hour availability and easy access allows individuals to escape into it at anytime and for many it does become an escape – an escape from difficult feelings or difficult relationships. Individuals get caught up in excessive use of porn, gambling, shopping, dating or news, and find themselves struggling in other areas of their lives. It is when the use of the internet becomes compulsive (when you can’t stop yourself from logging on), and when it starts to effect relationships, work life or sleep patterns, that addiction may be setting in.

Counselling, or psychotherapy, can help those suffering with internet addiction. Talking through your difficulties can help you find solutions and give you a greater understanding of your behavior and feelings. The psychotherapist/counsellors at the Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice, on Harley Street, London, are highly experienced at working with addiction and understand the shame that often accompanies such difficulty. The psychotherapists/counsellors offer a non judgmental and wholly discrete approach.