Therapy For Post Miscarriage Mothers

Should Post Miscarriage Mothers Talk To A Psychotherapist

Last week, news of Amanda Holden’s late term miscarriage made the headlines. Losing a baby to miscarriage is hard for all women, and at all times during pregnancy, but there is something particularly tragic when a mother loses a fully formed, and otherwise viable, baby.

In our society miscarriage remains a bit of a taboo, it’s not really talked about, which leaves it hard for women to find the space to grieve. Family and friends often don’t know how to respond. Was this a life and therefore a death? Or was it a foetus, with no real identity? For many mothers, a bond is already formed with the unborn child, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. Dreams are created, hopes are formed, and then the baby dies, leaving an agonising void. Mothers are left bereft and yet often struggle to have their pain validated and understood. They are often expected to quickly pick up and move on, to try again.

Feelings after a miscarriage can be truly overwhelming for a mother and, if these feelings are not explored and shared, they could lead to depression. It’s really important that feelings felt by a mother post miscarriage, are explored and not shut down. A woman needs to find the space to grieve, Often a course of psychotherapy or counselling can really help process the overwhelming and difficult feelings a woman goes through post miscarriage. Talking to a therapist in confidence can offer a mother the space and the understanding that she needs. At The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice, in Harley Street, the psychotherapists are highly experienced in dealing with post-natal loss. The therapists are compassionate and work entirely confidentially.