Valentines Day, Relationship Problems & Psychotherapy….

Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice Works With Relationship Problems…..

Today, Valentines day, the helpline The Samaritans, will have their busiest day since the 25th of December. It seems that today, the pressure to be in a happy, loving relationship is really felt and can push many to the brink.

Even in relatively solid relationships the cracks can show on a day like today, when expectations aren’t met, when one partner tries that bit harder than the other it can leave us feeling vulnerable, uncertain and insecure.

People who are in relationships that are lacking in love, kindness or intimacy often struggle with symptoms like stress, anger or depression as a result of feeling unloved and insecure within their relationship.

Getting out of an unhealthy relationship, that lacks love, can be very difficult. People become worn down by the misery, often believing that they don’t deserve any better and that they’ll never find a relationship where they will be loved and respected.  Self-esteem is eroded, making moving on very difficult.

Psychotherapy and counselling can really help provide the support and understanding needed when a relationship is going wrong. Therapy can help individuals re-build self-esteem and re-think what they want, need and deserve.

At The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice, on Harley Street, London, the therapists are fully qualified and highly experienced in dealing with relationship break down. The therapists work with individuals and couples, helping them process difficult feelings and understand their behaviour and enable the individual, or couple, to move on, to a more healthy way of relating.