Waiting for Support For Counselling Or Therapy…

Waiting to Start Therapy Could Make Your Problems Worse

In an interview today (19/10/2010) for the BBC, Dr. Hillary Jones expressed concern that the length of the NHS waiting lists for psychological therapy, which can presently be six months or more, is a problem when dealing with issues such as anxiety, stress and depression. Dr. Hillary focussed on these difficulties as specifically benefiting form early intervention in order to prevent an escalation of the problem.

Anxiety and depression are issues that are often exacerbated by cyclical patterns of negative thinking about yourself or about a particular situation or predicament. Therefore the longer this thinking is left unchallenged the more anxious or depressed you can become. It is common to feel quite entrenched and overwhelmed by this thinking and it can feel impossible to extricate yourself. This can be an isolated and lonely place.

With support from a professional therapist you can explore this self destructive thinking and begin to understand what lies behind it and  thereby start to break these patterns in order to develop a healthier, more realistic awareness of yourself.

The experienced therapists at The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice, on Harley Street will see and support you as soon as is mutually possible so that you do not have to bear your anxiety or depression alone.