Why a Therapist?

Why choose to see a psychotherapist?

Seeking help from a complete stranger seems to have been something that the British society has frowned upon for a long time. We have been expected to deal with our own problems, or ask family and friends for help. Too much ‘navel gazing’ has often not been considered productive or even healthy in certain circles.

Some people may fear that they would be considered weak, or not to have any friends or a good enough relationship with their family in order to turn to them for help. So making contact with a therapist can feel like flying in the face of all this.

Realising a need for support is a strength, not a weakness and therapy is a completely different relationship to that of family and friends.

Everyone has their own problems and when we need help sometimes it is hard to ask for it from people we are close to. It may be that we do not want to add to their worries. It may mean revealing feelings that we would rather keep hidden, but that need addressing such as anger or resentment or sadness that we feel could harm a relationship. It may mean looking at how we feel about ourselves and we do not want our close family and friends to know these thoughts and feelings, or it may be that we simply do not understand why we feel the way we do and therefore we do not think they will understand, however much they care.

Therefore, seeking the support of an experienced, non judgemental psychotherapist is a way of revealing and looking into all the difficult feelings and thoughts and emotions that may seem unacceptable to those close to us and attempting to make sense of them all.

A good therapist can bear our anger, sadness, bitterness, hurt and resentment and help work through it with you. They will not judge you or accuse you, get angry or upset with you or point a finger at you. They are there to support you and help you through what you are suffering.

These are the kind of therapists you will find at the London based Cavendish Psychotherapy in London.