Women, Depression & Psychotherapy: Numbers Double Since The 1970’s

A London Psychotherapists View On Global Depression

Scientists in Germany have just published results of a survey into mental health and have revealed that depression in women has doubled in the last forty years. According to the survey, one in seven women will suffer a depressive episode within their lifetimes – that’s double the rate of men.

The survey, published in European Neuropsychopharmacology, suggests that women in the main childbearing years of 16 Р42 are most prone to depression. This, the study leaders suggest, could be as the result of the enormous pressure women now face in juggling career, children and relationships,  with many feeling that they are failing in all areas of their lives.

Another study, undertaken at the University of Washington in the USA, has recently also concluded that women working hard at ‘having it all’ are prone to depression.

Women: Twice The Depression and Twice as Much as Men

The guilt of leaving kids in day care, or clocking off at 5pm, not devoting enough time to a partner, can be damaging and can lead to feelings of failure and, ultimately, to depression.

At The Cavendish Psychotherapy Practice, in Harley Street, Central London, the psychotherapists are experienced in working with women who are struggling to ‘have it all’.¬† Often a course of psychotherapy or counselling can help restore clarity and find healthier ways of finding good life balance.